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Using LAN IP

Last Updated: Jun 11, 2014 04:20PM EDT
FD = client/server
SD = storage

In order to utilize LAN IPs and backup/restore over your LAN, your FD's and their associated SD must be able to communicate with each other over your LAN network.

Only assign a LAN IP to your FD if you have one also assigned to your SD and your SD and FD can communicate with each other via their respective LAN IP's

If you assign a LAN IP to an FD, the FD will accept the LAN IP as the over riding IP with which to perform backups and recoveries. If the FD is not able to communicate with the SD, your backups will fail with an error "cannot connect to the backup server"

to resolve - either

1) manually edit the config file on the FD and remove the LAN IP (this will push the backups/restores over the WAN IP)

2) add a LAN IP to the SD config that is routeable to the LAN IP present on the FD

We do require InterVLAN routing support within your LAN network to accommodate FD's on different vLAN's communicating with your SD.

If you need to connect an FD to an SD via LAN IP's, AND the LAN IPs on not on the same vLAN, AND you do not have interVLAN routing enabled or available within your network, you can still accomplish this by modifying your host records on your respective FD's which may be on different vLANs then your SD. Please contact support if you require assistance with this     

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