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Install Backup as a Service (BaaS) - Hostbill

Last Updated: Jun 03, 2015 12:11PM EDT

1) download the following package from your bacula4hosts download section

HostBill Backup as a Service module (reseller)

2) extract tgz file and upload into your hostbill install directory via FTP


3) log into your hostbill admin > navigate to settings > modules > search for "baas" > activate the module


4) fill in your DCE edition Hostname, IP, main admin UN (email address) and PW (API key found under settings) and test connection

For Standard Edition
Hostname =
Main IP =
UN = email address
API key = API key found under settings tab in your B4H GUI

5) Datacenter Edition ONLY - for selling backups over the WAN, ensure you have a WAN SD defined within your Bacula4Hosts Admin GUI under storage and then assign to your primary user account within Bacula4Hosts (where your LAN SDs are likely located) in order to create a WAN zone

6) For Standard Edition and Datacenter Edition customers - create your backup zones under BaaS zones in your Bacaul4hosts GUI.This allows you to group all SDs you want into a zone.  For example, if you have facility 1 in New York with 5 SD's all LAN connected, you can call this NewYork-LAN.  this zone can be used by your customers in your New York facility with LAN accessible SDs to their infrastructure. New servers will automatically be allocated to the SD within that zone with the most available disk space
***PLEASE NOTE - SSH keys must be installed on SD's to be attached as BaaS Storage Zones

7) In Hostbill Service Plan, to enable pricing for disk space and licenses, please do the following
Hostbill Service (ie BaaS) > Components > create the following components

Named as per below (without the "  ")
"# of Servers to Backup"
"Storage Space (GB) "

Set the variables for these components however you require 

Please Note -  In hostbill service > component > , "Storage Space (GB) " - please ensure minimum disk size is 100GB for the hosted disk space (which makes up 2*50GB volumes which is the required minimum to enable Virtual Full capabilities).  Incremental disk space can then be sold in 50GB increments to accommodate the default volume size set in our BaaS module 

to link an existing server or servers within your bacula4hosts account to a customers BaaS service (ie BaaS service was added after customer has already been using your backup/recovery solution)

1) create a sub user within your bacula4hosts GUI (make note of the UN and PW)
2) assign server(s) to your sub user above
3) signup your customer for your BaaS service
4) ensure they have purchased adequate server licenses and disk space capacity from you
5) enter the UN and PW above in the hostbill admin when editing the service
6) Done


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