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Setting up your DataCenter Edition

Last Updated: Nov 23, 2015 05:00PM EST

The Datacenter Edition functions exactly like the Standard Edition, except there is a master admin panel which controls users and accounts. The Datacenter Edition can be used to create Sub Accounts and effectively resell Standard Edition to the market if you so choose. 

However, most resale activities within a brand can be done utilizing the BaaS module, therefore a typical DCE setup involves 1 or more admin users (as required) and 1 internal company user level account where all companies servers are added, along with all of their customer servers


Step 1 is to create users

Navigate to Users tab and the default admin user will be present.

Admin Users
- Have full access to the system and advanced settings on all facets of the system (jobs, server settings, etc).
- Will have full access to all sub accounts

Non Admin Users
these users have access to a specific account.  In most scenarios, a company will setup a single "user" account and this is where all of their resources will be added (storage, servers/VMs to be backed up, etc)
- Companies who wish to separate sections of their infrastructure for access reasons, can create 2 user accounts.  1 for the majority of their servers which their general staff will access and a 2nd user account just for sensitive servers where general staff access to backups and recovery is not wanted


NOTE - additional user accounts can be created if you are selling bacula4hosts full access accounts to other service providers/organizations (ie selling our equivalent to OUR "HOSTED EDITION").  However, this can also be accomplished from your primary internal company account user utilizing the baas module. therefore in most scenarios and most use cases, a single user level account is required for each install and all your internal and customer servers can be allocated within this single internal customer user account


Step 2 - log in as the Company user created above


Step 3 - Add Storage Devices via the add Storage Wizard


Step 4 - if utilizing a supported Cloud Delivery platform, connect your platform and add Hypervisors under the Hypervisor tab


Step 5  - Add Servers/Virtual Machines via the Add Server/Add Virtual Machine Wizard 


If you wish to make a Storage Device Publicly available for your other user accounts to access as "hosted diskspace"


a) access your admin account

b) navigate to Director > Storage

c) select the storage device you wish to work with

d) set the publicly available option to "YES"

If you would like to make your publicly available storage above enabled for BaaS storage zones

a) access your admin account

b) navigate to Director > Storage

c) select the storage device you wish to work with

d) set the owner of the storage device to your company internal account user above

3) log in as your company internal user, navigate to baas zones and create a storage zone (it will then be available from your baas module for customers to select as a storage zone)



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