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How Storage Devices, Storage Pools and Volumes work in Bacula4Hosts

Last Updated: Jun 11, 2014 04:22PM EDT
Storage Devices (SD)
  • These are the devices which store the backup data (WAN or LAN attached)
Storage Pools
  • Storage pools are created on storage devices (see above) 
  • The are comprised of volumes and are resized up or down based on adding/removing a volume (see below)
  • Customers can create pools and assign servers (FDs) to backup data to specific pools
  • Customers can also create a pool per server (FD) they are backing up during the server (FD) install wizard process - THIS IS THE RECOMMENDED USAGE OF POOLS
  • Pools can be moved between storage devices (SDs) to manage capacity
  • Volumes are the building blocks of storage pools
  • Customers can set the size of their volumes when creating pools
  • Bacula4Hosts recommends smaller volume sizes (ie 20 or 50GB volume sizes)
  • Pool sizes are grown or shrunk by adding/removing volumes from the pool (ie a 200GB storage pool comprised of 4*50GB volumes, can be increased to 250GB by adding a 5th volume to the pool or to 150GB by removing a volume from the pool)

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